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crazy enough to work tv tropes - in millennium snow chiyuki suggests satsuki should carry his grandmother to the hospital in his werewolf form toya thinks the plan is crazy but chiyuki says crazy just might work tengen toppa gurren lagann if smashing a small robot into a big robots head almost impaling the pilot of the big robot who by the way was the one who thought of this in the process is not crazy enough to, leeroy jenkins tv tropes - the trope is named after a world of warcraft video that has been made famous around the net for more information see leeroy jenkins video stop being such a leeroy has become multiplayer jargon in the time since and it s sometimes used as a verb to leeroy meaning to act in this way ironically the original staged video can be seen as sympathetic towards leeroy in that it also mocks and, top 10 worst military leaders in history toptenz net - in war there are winners and losers sometimes an army is defeated because they simply faced a larger and more powerful foe other times they lose because of some bizarre set of circumstances no one could have foreseen or because they were simply outwitted by a cunning adversary, feedback gunblast com table of contents - i read your article on the keltec p32 and i d like to toss out some points i always throw at naysayers in regard to this tiny gun and 32 caliber as a defense round, amazon com customer reviews the gallant hours - this is a thinking person s movie it focuses on admiral halsey and his leadership of allied forces in the south pacific during the darkest days of world war 2 in the 6 month long series of land and sea battles for guadalcanal in the solomon islands, battle of the bulge historynet - battle of the bulge summary the battle of the bulge december 16 1944 january 16 1945 also known as the ardennes offensive was the largest battle fought on the western front in europe during world war ii it is also the largest battle ever fought by the united states army it was a german offensive intended to drive a wedge between the american and british armies in france and the low, u s army builds fake city in virginia to practice - the u s army has built a 300 acre fake city complete with a sports stadium bank school and an underground subway in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios the recently opened site is located in virginia and was built at a cost of 96 million dollars taking just two years, ahsoka tano wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - ahsoka tano nicknamed snips by her master was a togruta female from the planet shili who trained as a jedi apprentice during the clone wars the conflict between the galactic republic and the confederacy of independent systems tano was assigned to jedi knight anakin skywalker by jedi grand, the bride of satan zion ministry - the bride of satan chapter four by neville v stevens new international version used throughout unless otherwise specified as we review all that god has said it becomes patently obvious that jerusalem is the prize that the bride of satan hopes to control jerusalem is the city of god and will be so forever god intends to establish righteousness there and from there the kingdom of god, the critical fraction armed and dangerous - i ve seen analyses of the long odds the u s government would face if it ever attempted to confiscate civilian firearms before the mathematics of countering tyranny seems like a particularly well done example the authors compute that under very generous assumptions there are about 83000 door, ezra bridger wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - ezra bridger a force sensitive human male was a jedi padawan a freedom fighter and a revolutionary leader in the early rebellion against the galactic empire he was born on empire day in 19 bby to ephraim and mira bridger whose public criticism of the empire led to their imprisonment, anarchy works the anarchist library - no more talk about the old days it s time for something great i want you to get out and make it work thom yorke dedicated to the wonderful people of ruinamalia la revoltosa and the kyiv infoshop for making anarchy work