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the lexus and the olive tree understanding globalization - the lexus and the olive tree understanding globalization thomas l friedman on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a brilliant guide for the here and now the new york times book review in this vivid portrait of the new business world, the lexus and the olive tree thomas l friedman - reviews friedman knows how to cut through the arcana of high tech and high finance with vivid images and compelling analogies a delightfully readable book, the lexus and the olive tree wikipedia - the lexus and the olive tree understanding globalization is a 1999 book by thomas l friedman that posits that the world is currently undergoing two struggles the drive for prosperity and development symbolized by the lexus ls and the desire to retain identity and traditions symbolized by the olive tree he says he came to this realization while eating a sushi box lunch on a japanese, new global professions globalization101 - many observers of globalization have come to recognize a new class of people who are generally well educated trained professionals in the business field who have developed a kind of global common culture, thomas friedman s view of globalization - after attending the conference it seems clear to me that thomas friedman s book the lexus and the olive tree understanding globalization gives a good introduction to the topic if you want to learn more than i have here i think reading that book is the way to go, official site for thomas friedman ny times columnist and - thomas friedman is the foreign affairs columnist for the new york times below are links to articles and other content on their site registration required thomas friedman s recent foreign affairs columns, globalization new world encyclopedia - globalization as a concept refers both to the shrinking of the world and the increased consciousness of the world as a whole it is a term used to describe the changes in societies and the world economy that are the result of dramatically increased cross border trade investment and cultural exchange, globalization and water freshwater effects important - globalization which refers to the increasing integration and interdependence of countries is a major trend shaping world affairs around the globe, why the world is flat wired - friedman s 1999 book the lexus and the olive tree understanding globalization provided much of the intellectual framework for the debate the first big book on globalization that anybody actually read as friedman describes it helped make him a fixture on the davos allen conference renaissance weekend circuit, spiral dynamics integral dr don beck - debates over globalization are but the surface level collisions of the deeper tectonic plate like cultural fault lines that remain hidden from view, maximizing progress reaper curve the poverty of bioethics - ever since i was in a very unsatisfying undergrad class at mit which challenged us students to consider the ethical implications of new biotechnology i have been pretty non plussed by the so called bioethics community our guest speakers on that theme were unimpressive thinkers who came up with ill considered faith based or socialistic prognostications about appropriate medical treatment