The Tamil Genocide By Sri Lanka The Global Failure To Protect Tamil Rights Under International Law -

sri lankan civil war wikipedia - result sri lankan government victory rebel group liberation tigers of tamil eelam militarily defeated sri lankan government reestablishes control over entire island territorial changes government regains total control of former ltte controlled areas in the north and east of the country, flashback sex abuse and murder in sri lanka salem news com - i ve written several articles examining the crimes against innocent civilians during the sri lanka civil war and the genocide that enveloped tamil people in the island country s northern region along with the carnage came a barrage of sex crimes, nasa images discover ancient bridge between india and sri - rama s bridge is between india and sri lanka it was built to transport rama hero of the ramayana to rescue his wife sita from the demon king ravana, united nations commission on human rights tchr - child rights sri lanka tchr is an independent human rights organisation not affiliated to any tamil federation or association an appeal to the united nations commission on human rights, un news global perspective human stories - soil is a treasure beneath our feet essential to human lives and well being a senior united nations official has highlighted warning however that this invaluable resource is under constant threat from the little understood phenomenon of soil pollution, international news latest world news videos photos - get the latest international news and world events from asia europe the middle east and more see world news photos and videos at abcnews com, copper colonialism foil vedanta zambia report launched - 21st january 2014 in december foil vedanta activists made a trip to zambia to investigate the operations of vedanta subsidiary konkola copper mines kcm zambia s biggest copper miner and to make links with grassroots movements academics journalists and those in the political system who may be questioning the unjust terms of copper mining in their country, globalization and language policies of multilingual - abstract over the past few decades significant economic and political changes have taken place around the world these changes also have put a significant mark on language teaching and learning practices across the globe, the world factbook central intelligence agency - the office of public affairs opa is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the central intelligence agency cia we read every letter fax or e mail we receive and we will convey your comments to cia officials outside opa as appropriate, article 370 the untold story indian defence review - the sardar thereupon resigned and the matter fell in gandhiji s lap to bring the two colleagues together during this period v shankar ias was the personal secretary to patel and had maintained a record of all events, 20 minutes to death record of the last execution in france - the following document is a written record of convicted killer hamida djandoubi s last moments before he was guillotined in a marseilles prison on september 10 1977 this record dated september 9 was written by a judge appointed to witness the execution djandoubi s execution was the last